Are you an expert in your domain with the ability to explain things lucidly and have a flair for writing? Do you want to publish your own work because you feel there is something missing out there? Do you want to get your voice out there and add to your reputation and credibility at the same time?

SkillSynapse Media will provide the editorial and marketing support as well as help you through the book development process to ensure it is marketable. We offer extremely author friendly publishing contracts unlike most traditional publishers; after all it's your baby, right?

We are primarily focussed on upcoming and niche technical areas in the domains of Business, Technology, Computing and Science but are open to widen the horizon if the idea is good. We believe in encouraging budding professionals realize their ideas.
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For companies and organisations interested in publishing specialised content for their own team or for branding purposes, SkillSynapse Media provides customised publishing solutions.

Publishing your own book as an organisation allows you to let all your employees use it as well as offering it as open access to readers the world over to accelerate uptake and usage of your products while improving brand value and credibility at the same time.

We will collaborate with your in-house experts or get you the experts you need to create the content needed. We shall also provide the editorial and other back-end support needed to give proper shape to your requirement.
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Did you just read one of our books and loved it or hated it? Do you want to have a book on a specific domain that is unaddressed still? Do you have something in mind that you want to share with us? Or maybe you want to give us a lead about our next book...
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