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SkillSynapse Media was created to fulfil the need for quality content in niche specialization areas for working professionals. We strive to bring together experts in the field to produce dynamic and up-to-date content to help professionals sharpen their skills and add more ammo in their repertoire.

With a cumulative experience of over a decade and half, and a passion to achieve our vision, we strive to get you the best. We connect you to experts from both academia and industry to help you learn, practice, and satiate your hunger for knowledge with focus on high quality and real-world utility.

Our content is available as e-books, print books and self-paced online learning modules as well.

SkillSynapse Media is a niche specialization publishing platform for experts in the domain of Business, Technology, Computing and Science. SkillSynapse Media is the publishing unit of Skill Synapse Tech LLP. We believe in encouraging budding professionals realize their ideas. We actively collaborate with experts to bring out agile content which define industry norms.

We would like you to reach out to us and leave us a note at write@skillsynapsemedia.com.